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Los Padres Forest Landscape


people swimming in a pool with inner tubes

Come and enjoy our amazing pool. There is nothing like a dip in the pool on a hot summer day!

Swimming Pool

We have miles of trails in and around San Marcos Christian Camp. We are bordered on three-sides by the Los Padres National Forest.

Also, quite close to the camp entrance you can explore the actual wagon tracks of the Old Stagecoach that traveled from Santa Barbara to Los Olivos.

You'll find some amazing trails within a few minutes of the camp.
kids hiking outside



S​an Marcos Christian Camps is the home of Santa Barbara’s newest woods ball paintball course.  Our field studded with huge oaks and massive boulders is the perfect spot to enjoy the day with your youth group or men’s group. 


Call us for pricing details.  We’ll include lunch for just few dollars more.  Come and see for yourself!


Whether for team building or the simple fun of it, come try our Low Ropes Course to test your mettle!

a low ropes course outside

Low Ropes

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