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Policy Updates


Hello and welcome to 2022!  We are excited to update you with our latest news from the Registration Team here at San Marcos Camp.  With the rapidly rising minimum wage in California, and the significant additional constraints from ongoing legislation reform in our state, we are making some policy and procedural changes to our booking and invoicing process. 

Effective immediately, we will be implementing these changes.

Here are the details:

     1. Although the mandated minimum wage increases have dramatically impacted our operating costs, we do see light at the end of the tunnel!  You can look for camp fees to begin to level off again in 2022. Additionally, we will continue to find creative ways to add value to our programs, accommodations and amenities here at San Marcos Camp.  For example, read below on item #6 to learn how we want to assist you in getting all of your kids to camp.

     2. Additionally, we will no longer base contractual deposits on the total amount of the contract.  Moving away from the 15% deposit to confirm your event dates. We will be standardizing our deposit amounts to be based on the type of event and length of stay booked.  This will simplify the deposit amount calculations and make it more feasible for many groups to confirm their event in a timely manner. 

     3. We’ve listened to your requests and we’re responding!  San Marcos Camp will remove the “contract make-up” component of the invoicing process.   Provided your group’s final numbers do not deviate from the contractual minimum by more than 10%, there will be no additional balance due.  Simply put, if you’re close enough, you pay for the total you bring. No strings attached!

     4. Each group will receive 1 free spot.

     5. New for 2020 and beyond, San Marcos Camp will now be offering automated monthly payment plans as an option for those that desire them.  For groups that prefer to make a level monthly payment toward their total balance, arrangements can now be made with ease.  This will benefit many groups by reducing the last-minute stress that typically comes with final rounds of fund raising just before “go-time”.  There is no additional charge for this new service. If you want to take advantage of this option, just notify our reservation specialist at the time of booking.

     6. And finally, need help raising funds to get your kids to camp?  Check this out! We are excited to announce that San Marcos Camp has created a strategic partnership with FundEasy, an online fundraising platform, built with your group in mind!  The first 50 groups that sign up with FundEasy for their fundraising needs will receive a DEEP DISCOUNT of over 75% off the FundEasy fee to try their system.  Check out to take a closer look, and if you’re interested, let us know to receive our special discount code from FundEasy.

We hope these updates and changes will be helpful to you as you continue to partner with San Marcos Camp for your camping needs.  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call, or email us at Thank you for your ongoing partnership, and we look forward to serving you here in 2020 and beyond.


The Registration Team

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